My Freedom

I'm a day late with blogging about the first prompt for the new class over at http://www.shimelle.com/classes/353/a-new-class-for-summer/ - The class runs for five weeks, with prompts at the start of the week about photos, and as the week progresses we cover journalling, and then page design - I should end up with a 20 page album,I've decided to go with a 12x12 album ( I think- keep changing my mind) I think I'll see what happens after the first subject and see how it goes. I've got a gorgeous Silky Aqua blue 12x12 album or an AC 8x8 so I'll see... The first prompt yesterday was to photograph time and travel, so here are my time pics.I haven't got round to travel yet. I'm really enjoying the concept of this class - it makes you sit and think about things and it's great reading other peeps' interpretations..
First up .. My favourite Clock- the Cuckoo Clock we got in Germany - see it every morning and makes me smile Second is the Church Clock I am always rushing past and looking up at in the morning to see if I'm late for work or not.
Then it's the clock on the wall (yep they all thought I'd gone mad at work takin photos of it )- Then the Fairy Clock in the garden..


Kate Bucci said...

Love that cuckoo clock! And people at work had the same reaction when I started taking photos.... :)

valerie said...

fab pics love the church clock

Anita said...

Love your fab clock piccies !