Inspiration Journal

I ordered myself one of these last week, it arrived the other day and I can't wait to start putting my 'stamp' on it so to speak. I'm going to put all the little things that are special to me and a few clippings etc etc inside. I love Donna's work although I am not at all 'arty' I just like the idea of having my own personal journal to put all my little special things in . I finished the second layout from the crop last Sunday last night and a couple more pages too. I have been photographing my area for the 'here' part of Shimelle's latest online class but some of the beautiful photographs that have been taken and posted on the forum put mine to shame- some of my nicer ones were taken in the snow when I walked to work a couple of weeks ago..


debs14 said...

What a cute little journal, looking forward to seeing it as it fills up - or will you keep it as a 'secret diary'?! Also looking forward to how you are going to approach the HT&E pages, the American ones are definitely a different style to ours aren't they?!!!