Jenni Bowlin Online Class

I signed up for an online class run by Jenni Bowlin and have been waiting for a little package from her studio with items to be used in projects to arrive. The first task was to create an 'Inspiration Board'. Well, as usual I haven't managed to find an old picture frame or flea market to get one from so decided to adapt a memo board. I painted the frame with bronze acrylic paint then stamped a swirly design with archival ink. Then I decided to use some old netty lace that was at my mums to cover the base. I added some lacy ribbon around and there you go ! We are to add things we find to the board along the way. The next thing was to do a layout incorporating an old vintage milk bottle top that was in the package from them. I found the perfect picture of Alex when he was little and used inspiration from Michelle Mogfords page we did last week and am quite pleased with managing to use the old bottle cap.