All Grown Up

The prompt for yesterday was to use up some odd cardstock.I've got lots of odd bits, and found some that was quite masculine and set to with photos of Will when he was young and now. I'm liking using 6x12 as it's nice and easy to just cut a 12x12 in half and the pages do seem to come together quickly. I've had a brown corduroy 6x12 American Crafts album sitting in a box for ages so I'm going to use it for this class.
So now a certain person has had her birthday I can blog the card I made for her.I've got out of the habit of making cards lately so it was nice to make one for a change.
Oh and here's the cover of the album for 'Life Tunes' class. Have a good Friday everyone, it'll soon be the weekend.


Sian said...

I'm a real 6x12 convert! Lucky you with an album all ready to fill..I think I'll have to look for one to buy. That's a great "comparing" layout with the 2 photos

scrappyjacky said...

Love the 'now and then' theme of your page.

debs14 said...

Speaking as the 'lucky recipient' I have to say that the card is even more beautiful when you see it in the flesh!
Love the 'now and then' layout.
So jealous about the 6x12 size you have chosen, it's fab!

SANDRA said...

Love all three pieces of Art. Love all the craftwork card products. The before and after layout is a great idea. Love Sandra x