Oh dear and ready for the off again

I've got two 'Oh dears' today - one is that my laptop looks like it may be un repairable (great)
The other 'Oh dear' is a slightly different one,anyone who know us knows that himself is an Alice Cooper fan and has been since the 1970s....and never fails to see him in concert when he tours over here.Anyway he went to see him in concert on Sunday night. When I sat down today in our office to quickly blog before I go- I looked to my left to see what the time was and was confronted by this.....
Yep,, 'Oh dear ' were my words exactly,I just really really hope he didn't wear it !!!!
So now I am off to finish getting organised for this weekend - off scrapping again - can't wait!
If you read this Deb I hope you enjoy the crop tomorrow xx


humel said...

Oh dear indeed! Sorry about the laptop xx Hope you have a super weekend!

debs14 said...

HE HE HE We all know he wore it! Wish there were photos of that! And look at your bag all packed. I can remember when I laughed at you with that wheely bag ... little did I realise how much 'stuff' I would accumulate too! Sorry to hear about the laptop :-(
Have a great weekend, looking forward to seeing the finished work!

Mazz's Magic Shots said...

I'm still lovin' your blog and your work...are you doin' the 'color or is it colour?' as I have paid but just havent had the time to get started as yet...Nic is my fave NZ artist. oh dear about the pic on the board is right...hope you've got your laptop back to normal ...hopin' you're havin a great crafty w/e :) xx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Funny to Alice Cooper over here at your blog, Denise. He lives here in Arizona and we actually saw him this past year at a local restaurant. He even looks scary in person! Looks like he's lived a pretty rough life.

And it looks like your crop was successful. How nice for you to have that time for crafting! xo