Where did that week and weekend go ?

Last Friday was spent travelling 'Up North' to near Durham to a wedding.Our middle son used to play football with the groom and we have stayed friends with his parents over the years.
We were so pleased when he asked us to his wedding although it was a long journey. The venue was a beautiful hotel- almost like a castle to look at.

We had decided to make a few days  of it as it was such a long way and were going to leave at about 11 o'clock Friday morning.
True to form I woke up with a cracking headache on Friday and you know how it is- I was stressed because I felt lousy and the more stressed I got the worse my head got.Anyway,in the end I decided  I couldn't travel like that and put myself back to bed.
Eventually it started to wear off and we left at about 2.30 in the afternoon.
The hotel was lovely, a bit mediaeval inside.
We spent the evening catching up with friends and meeting new ones in the hotel - and I caught a glimpse of the reception room being prepared..It was a beautiful wedding - the main colour was a rich blue (one of my favourites)

This was in the morning when the flower decorations  had been placed on the tables
The cake was beautiful in blue and white and had lovely delicate butterflies all over .The church was a dear little one and really lovely inside

Luckily the weather held out and a good day was had by all ...
A kind man offered to take a photo but it turned out a tad fuzzy!
and when it was time to go home the groom's Dad gave me one of the table decorations - its still looking resplendent on my sideboard at home!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a truly lovely wedding.

debs14 said...

So pleased you had a good time. The colours in that decoration are just beautiful. Looks like it was a lovely venue.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely weekend!

Louise said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time - i love weddings!

Sandra said...

What a lovely venue for a wedding, glad you had a little break :)

Karen said...

What a lovely weekend and glad your head ache abated enough for you to enjoy it.

Alison said...

Looks like a lovely venue..and the blue looks gorgeous!
Alison xx

Sian said...

It sounds lovely!

Re Pinterest: you need an invitation to join, but I can send you one if you email me. Then, yes, you can "pin" anything you spot on the internet and keep it all together. It's very easy to use and scarily addictive!