Hello Blogland

Things have been extremely manic for me over the past couple of weeks,I feel like I have been away for years!
Dad had a hospital stay in London for two weeks while they sorted him out, so we were visiting him after work in the evenings-he came out last week so I have been staying over there being nurse. There has been lots of organising to do but hopefully things are sorting out a bit now. He is feeling much better  and needs to build his strength up so am trying to tempt him with different goodies here and there. He lives in a village and the internet on my phone is very hit and miss so haven't been able to keep up with any blogs or emails.
So I'd like to say sorry to you lovely friends out there who I wanted to send a card to- I managed to stamp the Christmas trees on the cards and that's it!
They are all sitting in a bag waiting for me to finish them. I've just popped home to sort a few bits out and want to wish all of you a really Happy Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time.
Luckily himself picked the turkey up this morning so i think we will have Christmas dinner tomorrow!
Have a great time


Maria Ontiveros said...

It sounds like you're exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you were meant to be doing, this Christmas. Lots of love to you and your family for a Merry Christmas,

Sandie said...

Sorry to hear your Dad has been in hospital, Denise. Glad he is home and that you are able to keep your eye on him. Wishing you a happy Christmas and hope you can put your feet up a bit.

Alison said...

Sorry your dad's not been so good, but glad you are able to be with him..Happy Christmas to you all
Alison xx