Not my normal colours & tennis anyone?

I'm on to number 5 now - Kirsty's idea for 5 was to use colours you normally wouldn't use.
Hmmm - I do normally use quite a variety - or do I ? One thing I do know is that i don't 'do' green - I don't mind pale and aqua sort of greens but I'm not a lover of dark greens and I'm also a bit superstitious of green too.
We don't have a lot of red in our house - mainly because they are all 'Spurs' fans ( football ) and red is the colour of their arch rival - so it's frowned upon.Daft I know - but that's the way it is! Weird really isn't it - what seems normal here is probably totally ridiculous to others!
Anyway, I decided on red and came up with this....

and now it's on to happy post time. Look what arrived yesterday

How exciting- two tickets for Wimbledon- I've tried before and not been lucky,but this year I have. It will be something nice to look forward to - a nice day out.They are on number two court which isn't as good as one or centre but a good day out nonetheless.Let's hope the sun shines.


Alison said...

Love your reds...especially the column of buttons! You must be very excited about Wimbledon!
Alison xx

Ruth said...

Bryan Adams looks great in any colour!
Yay for Wimbledon, we were lucky enough to get Centre Court tickets a few years ago and had a superb day out.

scrappyjacky said...

I agree with Ruth about Bryan Adams.

Sandra said...

Love all he little details onthe layout, the heart is so cut.

Glad you got the tickets, here's to things going your way from now on :).

Also, I just wanted to say it was so lovely actually chatting with you the other day, it felt like we'd always known each other for ages :). I can't wait to do it again xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Denise , well how lucky are you.... seats at Wimbledon, wow !.
I like the colours , since looking around the blogs here it has made me aware that I dont use all colours available , I stick mainly to pastels and so im going to have a few trial colour days too.
Loving the Bryan Adams theme .
Hugs Elaine

Louise said...

Lucky you!

loving all the reds too x

Karen said...

Love this version of your sketch and I am sure you will have a fabulous day at Wimbledon.