Creative Chemistry - day 4 & 5

It's funny isn't it? I've had all these inks and stains and misters in my stash together with some manilla tags 'just to use whenever' for ages-and doing this class has at least made me realise the things I don't  really love..for instance- it's confirmed the fact that...

 I really don't get on with alcohol inks that well- not a  favourite.

I like colouring in with distress inks.

 It's always good to use the heat tool to dry layers as you go. Definitely a thing I will always do now.

It's ok to just do your own thing and play- and you can always go back later and add.

I should use my stamps more often.

I didn't think Distress Stains were that brilliant- this has changed my opinion.

Tags are quick to do and fun.

Tim Holtz is a genius..

Here's day four and five's tags..
Day four - colouring with distress inks and masking..I only had one mask but it wasn't too bad.

Day five- love the Kraft resist technique and loved using the white picket fence stain to stamp with

I only had a couple of stains so couldn't use lots of colours for this background.

Week one has been brilliant - roll on week two.


Jenny Marples said...

You really seem to be having fun on this crafting journey.

It is also affirming to read about your likes and dislikes - so many people rave about every product and technique but we are all individual and it's ok to enjoy some things and not others.

What you are producing is so professional Denise, and is a real inspiration to get experimenting. Hope you continue to get as much from the rest of your classes,
hugs, Buttons x

Unknown said...

Denise these are beautiful I love the birdie and the Paris tag . Great work on these techniques. I have had inks, misters and all sorts for years, I bought them ,thought I would start and they have just stayed in the cupboard.
These Tags are so beautiful I may just get my inks and things all out and have a go .Hugs Elaine

Winnie said...

Love your tags! I adore that Paris one with that great woman image..I have never seen her around..Love it. I took struggle with the alcohol inks (I have all the colors and some in duplicate as gifts from people..) I need to use them more I guess..My nieces love to use them with the canned air like Tim showed on his blog...It is fun and messy.. See you next week!

├čeulah ├čee said...

Heh, you can give me your distress and alcohol stash if you're not going to use them LOL!

Lovely work Denise! The best use (mistake proof) for alcohol inks--tinting buttons or plastic diamonds or any other small non-porous embellishment that needs a color change. I have never been able to do much else with them either.

Yogi said...

they all turned out wonderfully. yes it's been a great first week.
I love alcohol inks. On the right glossy paper, or even on clear plastic it's fantastic. Don't give up on it.

craftytrog said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my tags. Managed to track your blog down, I see you're not far from me, I'm in Kent!
Your tags all look great, it's a real adventure, trying all these techniques, isn't it?!
Enjoy week 2!
Alison x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I agree that learning what you don't like is almost as important as learning what you do. Personally, I really like alcohol inks. I the dabbers a bust. I have some stains but haven't really figured the out yet. Love seeing your projects!

Nancy Zunic said...

All your tags are wonderful! Isn't it fun to see other peoples' creations? I am loving this!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog and I must say all of your tags are so well done! My favourite would be the butterfly one with picket fence writing in background!

Ann S. said...

Hi Denise Long time no see! loving all your tags. Will you be at ATDML in April? Lost your email address - can you send it to me again please? Ann x

debs14 said...

You know that once you have learnt all this, I will be round to your house for some lessons don't you?
These are all so pretty, wish I had your talent for inking and stamping!

Karen said...

Your tags are beautiful. Love the resist ones.

Sian said...

Wow, Denise, it's obvious how much you are enjoying this - what a collection of techniques you will have at the end

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I love all of your creations there particularly the Paris tag. Thanks for commenting on my blog too.