Creative Chemistry Graduate

So anyway,I got such a lovely parcel in the post the other day..... cue name droppy photo.

It was my Creative Chemistry graduate apron- from Tim Holtz's online class I did a while ago.Dinner was put on hold,himself was grabbed and given camera and yours truly was out in the garden posing....Unfortunately it took a few takes and I had to try to strategically position the front bit which wasn't quite wide enough to sit nicely without me looking lop sided !!!
 I now can't wait for the next crop so I can christen it ! I've been given some awards lately - so I will be catching up with them and posting soon.I've had a mega busy week this week doing house clearing so have been straight over to the house after work most nights - and have been shattered when I got back.I promise I will catch up with the blog awards - thanks ladies it is much appreciated.
I've been working on some design team things as well. Mel and Jill over at ATDML have asked me to be guest designer again for June so have been playing happily with lots of lovely papers.
I'm also doing a class over at Eclectic Keepsakes next month using some Prima canvas resist butterflies and perfect pearl mists.We used some of these at the ATDML retreat in April and Karen  thought they would be a great idea for a class. The butterflies are plain beige canvas but when you spritz or ink them a beautiful pattern emerges..here's a sneaky peek.

Right - time to get off and do boring stuff, housework and all that. 
It's a lovely sunny day here today- long may it last!


Jenny Marples said...

Wey hey! Love the apron, although you're right - it needs a few inky 'embellishments' on it! Lots keeping you busy by the sound of it but that may be no bad thing. Hang on in there. Hugs, Buttons x

debs14 said...

Can't wait for your class, those butterflies look amazing! And photos of you sporting your new apron will be an essential part of the day ;-)

Karen said...

I fully expect you to be sporting that apron next time I see you!

Alison said...

Great apron...and wish I could come to your 'butterfly' class!
Alison xx

Susanne said...

Smashing token of your graduation - enjoy creating in it with pride.

Maria Ontiveros said...

That is so awesome! Tim is just the best!

Annie said...

Hi Den. This is a fabulous piece you have created. Love the flowers and butterfly. TFS Annie :)