Blogfriends Unite

A few years ago I started this blog. Just to keep a diary of life,crafty bits and general 'stuff' for me to look back on. I never had the time to sit and write stuff - so thought this would be far more interesting for me. Then I decided to do an online class run by Shimelle, as lots of my friends were doing this 'picture a month' thing and it sounded great fun. After signing up I started to discover other peoples blogs.I saw their pages and crafty makes -also learned  bits about their lives and began to think of them as real friends.
We have shared happy moments and sadder moments between us and have always thought how wonderful it would be to actually meet in person.
Well,this weekend,some of us did. I'd posted about a crop that my friend Deb  and I go to which is run by Karen  a few times and the lovely Deb from Arizona had said she would love to be at one of our crops one day ..........
This weekend, we fulfilled that ambition. Deb and her lovely daughter Carrie came to the UK for a visit -  and Alison flew in from Spain - so Karen arranged a wonderful set of papers ( with a tiny bit of help from me ) and Deb very kindly hosted it .
It was just like our crops,we had cupcakes
We scrapped and chatted 
We even went to a 'typical English pub' for dinner and ' pudding'. 
The day after was also a perfect day.
Even more lovely ladies who have all been friends via blogland came together in London.
There were eleven of us altogether, a real international gathering. Helena came down from Scotland,Alison flew in from Spain, and of course  Deb and Carrie from USA.

We all got on so well,it was like we'd all met before .. it was an absolute pleasure to meet each and every one of these lovely ladies
Deb and I have shared some very happy emails chatting about our joint love of a certain Mr Donny Osmond - and some very emotional emails when we both went through some sad and trying times with both of us losing one of our parents,we always said how lovely it would be if we could make those cyber hugs we used to send each other real - this weekend we did ...and it was amazing.  
and it was so very hard to say goodbye. 


Karen said...

Your post has brought back such happy memories from the weekend.

Ruth said...

Such a great post for such a happy weekend.

Sandra said...

It's just been wonderful seeing the photos from the get together

debs14 said...

Beautifully written! Isn't it fun meeting blog friends in real life?!

scrappyjacky said...

A lovely post,Denise....I had a wonderful day on Sunday....and it was so good to meet you at last.

Wendy H said...

Beautiful past, Denise. Glad you all had a great time. Wendy xx

Alison said...

Such wonderful memories, Denise...we HAVE to do it again!...I love Blogland!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I have so very much enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the pictures of all the happy faces. Wish I had been there..it sounds like something you'll never forget

Becky said...

A lovely post and it was great to meet you - we MUST all do it again! Xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the photo of your table! It's fun to see everyone together having such a great time.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh, Denise, I love this post. I am so exhausted this afternoon, but am making my rounds on the blogs of friends Carrie and I met last week and I am smiling from ear to ear! What a wonderful time we had with you girls. I loved every minute of it!!! xo