Strategy for Christmas Cards ?

I am surrounded at home with cardmaking supplies for Christmas ...

What with the Create and Craft shows a couple of weeks ago and the lovely new paper pads and dies being released it's all very surreal ...

I sat in really hot temperatures with the fan blasting away at me preparing samples and demos for Christmas shows. Not only that - every year I say I will make my cards early and every year - yep it gets to the week before Christmas and I only end up making 'special' cards ..

With all this in mind it prompted me to think about how everyone else does it...

So what do you do ?
When do you start yours?
Do you make lots really early and store them away somewhere ?
Do you decide on a 'type' or design and go with it and make them all the same ?
Do you have a date where you have them all made by?

I'm a bit of a - let's see what I've got person and just go with the flow and make cards with what I've got and do it in bits and bobs - put them away somewhere and then forget I made them all those months ago when it gets to 'Chrtistmas'

So this year will be different, my extremely well organised friend Jane suggested we get ourselves sorted and decide what we are going to do early,have a day organising what we will make (this of course involves a weeny bit of research shopping) and then we can make them all - job done!

Being  a crafter means I have all the products at my fingertips really - so there is no excuse is there??

I really would be very interested to hear what others do out there.. any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated !


scrappyjacky said...

Last year....starting in July....I made 6 a month....each 6 were like a little set....all made using the same few supplies....but all slightly different....it made it so much quicker and easier to get them made.

Linda Simpson said...

I make cards all year a couple a month until July then start to make more a month so by November I have all cards are made.
Linda xxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I've always been last minute with my Christmas cards, until I started teaching classes. Now I need to begin coming up with ideas to use in class for the beginning of October so I have to get my act together! For personal use, I usually pick 3 designs and make a batch of each in the months that I teach them. It worked well last year.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Denise! :o) I usually make a few cards at the last minute to send to close friends, and I purchase a box to send to family and not-so-close friends. This year I'm thinking about using one of my photos and having postcards printed. Your post has me thinking that I should probably do that sooner rather than later! xo

Unknown said...

I start around this time and a list of people who I need to make for, once their card is done I have two boxes that are only for Christmas cards and they go in there and are then marked off the list. Xx

Susanne said...

Strategy and Christmas in the same thought - I'm impressed.