Clap Along

Do you have that 'Can't think of a title problem' when you do scrapbook pages?
I normally do a layout and then sit there for ages trying to think of something original.
On rare occasions I'm very focused and have a title and everything else in my head -probably because I have one particular photo that I want to use and love that pic so much that I have title planned etc..
Anyway, I was doing my layouts for A Trip Down Memory Lane's gallery and was using Kaisercraft.
I had this photo of himself and me on hols in July. We asked a lady if she would mind taking our photo. She was such an eccentric old girl- she had us giggling away ( well,I was).. This is the layout I did - and it really brought back that moment when we were 'happy' all relaxed and loving the moment ... And guess what? It made me think of that song . So it had to have those words from the song in it somewhere too ! 


debs14 said...

Of course now I have that song going round in my head! Which is lucky because I love it.
Great photo and the title just sums it up beautifully.