Card Making Evening

Well, middle son is back at Uni now so I moved some of my stuff up to his room last night and had a lovely evening making cards, I felt like doing cards for a change and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Hopefully the main computer is being delivered back tonight so I will be very pleased to have that back. Once that is all installed and ready to go - i'm going to go and have a sit down and have a go at doing the second page for ' Learn something new every day' !which I am really enjoying as it's only little pages each day and as usual gets you to stop and sit and think each day..


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Great cards - I especially like the one with the "Enjoy Life" tag!

Learn something new every day sounds interesting!

Hope you get your computer back soon - I'd be lost without mine! Have a great day! Ruth x

Andrea said...

fabby cards Denise x

debs14 said...

Fab cards! The paper is absolutely gorgeous. Lesson for the day - "Today I learnt that I will never have as much paper as Denise"
Looking forward to seeing your Sept 2nd page ...!

carley duff creations said...

Award waiting at my blog for lovey xxxxx see you wednesday