Mini Books and Learn Something Every Day

Well, it doesn't look like the trusty computer is anywhere near ready yet, it's been away for a service and upgrade so here I am on the laptop and have managed to sort out how to post photos..As promised to my friend Deb - here are the photos of the mini books I did at the class over the weekend. I finally learnt how to use the Bind It All when we made the bigger book so it's not so scary after all ! I do think that you have to really remember which side you are making the holes and also not to have lots of embellies on the sides or you will mess them up. Anyway, I went to a great class at the weekend and really loved the place too over at Billericay,it was nice to see Hilary again and to catch up.I managed to do my first page for the new Shimelle class too - I got the mixed media kit so enjoyed having a play with that this evening.


debs14 said...

Oh Wow! The books you made with the bind it all are amazing - I love them! Very impressed with the 1st page of your 'Learn something ....' project. I knew you would find something good! I have a feeling mine might be similar come the 20th!

Andrea said...

the mini books look fantastic, its always great fun to do classes x