Back !

Well, here I am,back from sunny Portugal,we had a lovely break just the two of us,leaving boys at home to fend for themselves and feed and walk the dogs. The weather has been non stop sunshine and we managed some really nice meals out and I really enjoyed reading 'Twilight' - a book I had seen lots of peeps writing about on their blogs and a couple of friends had read it too. I am half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. So now today has been spent catching up on washing, shopping and visiting -and tomorrow we are going to do the tour of the Tower of London. Something we have wanted to get round to for ages,we've decided to go the whole hog and do the three hours, just hope my feet hold up !!! I've got a load of classes to catch up on Jenni Bowlin and Shimelle's online classes so am going to be a busy girl- wouldn't have it any other way (I think) :-)