Catching Up

So- I am slowly catching up on my Shimelle classes.I managed to print on fabric last night for number 5 with the help of some 'freezer paper' that my good friend Deb sent me. Basically you iron the fabric onto the paper and then run it through the printer. I had a bit of a clamity where the printer got slightly jammed half way through and there was a yukky inky black smudge right on the best part,so I had to cut the journalling piece short.One of the next pages was to print on ribbon, well being a total wuss and not wanting to tempt fate and not being able to find a really flat smooth piece of ribbon, I chickened out and printed on card, but used ribbon on the page..so here are pages 5,6,and7..


debs14 said...

Busy girl!
I didn't tempt fate with the ribbon either, I thought being brave with a decent size bit of fabric was enough experimenting for me. Nice to step out of the comfort zone though!
Lovely pages, looks like you are enjoying this project.