A busy weekend

Well,it's all change in our household at the moment.Our eldest has moved out to live with his girlfriend, the middle one has gone back to Uni and the youngest will be going to Uni in a couple of weeks.It was very quiet when I got in last night and very weird.Anyway we have decided to convert oldest son's room into a craft room for me, I think that if he does decide it's not for him we have other bedrooms and he always has a home here.So anyway - we hired a skip and have started the marathon of sorting years of er things we have horded out.Needless to say there was quite a lot of stash to sort. I decided to be ruthless and have sorted loads of old card kits and cardstock etc etc out to give away or throw.
So last night I made my cover for Shimelle's new class and was quite pleased with the result, now I have togo off to work, more sorting/scrapping this evening methinks.