Time flies

Well, how quickly does the time go? The reason for not blogging very much over the past week is that I have been sorting my stash so I can fit it all into one nice new craft room that is now decorated and has some new units plus some that were in there before when It was my eldest son's bedroom.We had a trip to Ikea and bought some gorgeous little - well not that little white units and have got some bluey checked material boxes to go in them,and a few other bits.I am so thrilled to be able to have one room where I can keep all my stuff and escape to and not have to pack it all away at nought hours in the morning when I go to bed....Sorting 5 years of stash is no mean feat though but I am getting there,with himself breathing over my shoulder every five minutes to make sure I'm not slacking!I haven't done much crafting lately but I went to the Craftystash crop on Sunday and enjoyed a whole day with friends. We did two layouts whichI loved.


debs14 said...

It looks AMAZING! No excuse now for not being able to find things! Still a few empty shelves though, you need to get shopping ;-)