...and so it begins

The madness that Is January -working in an accountants is pretty hectic in January and I made myself a promise (or a good intention for New Year ) amongst a couple of others that I would try and keep on an even keel this January and still keep normal life going.Don't ask me why but I love crocheting and always used to be flicking a crochet hook and making blankets. I also managed to make some more delicate fiddly things a few years ago too. Occasionally I get my big canvas bag out with odds and ends of wool in and start another blanket. Anyway, I was looking on Ebay the other day for some wool and came across some pattern books for sale for 'Afghan Blankets'. Well, I never knew they were called that and apparently there are all manner of patterns and permutations and sizes that can be made.So the book was ordered and I have instructed himself to get my knitting bag out of the loft ( yep he tidies my wool away cos he can't stand it behind the sofa..lol) Those who know me know that I am married to a virgo who is ultra tidy and always tidying me and my things up ...so watch this space as I intend to try and make one ! Oh and we have had about 4 inches of snow today - it seems to have stopped now but I'm not looking forward to driving tomorrow if it freezes tonight.


debs14 said...

Do we put our orders for crocheted goods now?! It's a good way to relax isn't it and it grows fast which is good for impatient crafters like me. Can't believe he put your wool up in the loft. Oh wait a minute, yes I can ;-)
It was quite an experience walking/running/jumping with Ozzy yesterday but reminded me what hard work it is to do that whatever the weather - and clear the mess up when you get home!

scrappyjacky said...

The blankets look great...I've never managed to get the hang of crochet....though I enjoy knitting...hope to knit some cushions this year.

humel said...

Good for you, taking out the crochet again! It's on my list of skills to try this year :-)

(My husband knows better than to look behind our sofa!!)