The madness continues

Hands up who is fed up with snow? Well, I love it but it's making my legs ache. I am walking to work in my lovely snuggly flat boots,but being a short person who always wears heels -the flat boots are making the back of my legs really stiff and achy (or I am just seriously unfit!).I'm not fed up with the snow but I would like to be a bit more back to normal soon,especially as one of us has to do the trip of taking the boys back to Uni imminently.It does make taking the dog for a walk far more fun though.
Nothing crafty to post I am afraid-I've seen a few peeps are doing the '365' photo thing but I'm not sure I could actually manage a photo a day, I think I might get boring !
One of the things I resolved to try to do this year was to try and make more interesting dinners - well things that are more healthy or more spicy rather than the same boring stuff. The trouble is, I get in from work and they are all hovering wanting to know how long it will be and I always feel I have to do something that doesn't take too long, I know - I should make something the night before but am not always that organised...
I did manage to make a very nice cheesecake for himself as he kept asking me over Christmas to make one ( the one his mum used to make that he loves) I actually adapted it a bit by making it as I normally do but adding a tad of Baileys to the middle bit - very nice it was too ! I'm not so keen on the black cherries but he loves it.
The snow is still hanging around here,the drive and roads here are still pretty dangerous and we had a few slight flurries today so I shall be walking again tomorrow. It's amazing the things you notice when you walk that pass you by when you drive.

Well, it's off to bed for me now as It's late and January is now in full swing at work.. I will be back posting more interesting things very soon !


Sian said...

Bailey's flavoured cheesecake sounds delicious! I woke up this morning and all our snow has gone..maybe it's finally going to warm up a bit

debs14 said...

Let's hope all the roads to WGC are clear for Sunday's crop!
I'm back at my RC class tonight so all baking of creamy gorgeousness has to stop - now! That cheesecake looks delish. mmm Baileys .....!
Roads round here are seriously mushy now but the pavements are still a nightmare. You'll soon be back in your stilettos!