An award and at last - a 'me' day


So now it is official- January is over - yahoo! Having got the week after the end of January over and done with this has been the first weekend where life and all the rest of it has been nice and normal. Honestly, the headache pill part of my handbag has been seriously raided of late!

Anyway, my very nice friend Deb has given me an award, thank you Deb. I'm not quite sure how many things I have to list in following her lead of things that make me happy but here are a few.
1 Taking the dog for a long country walk in the summer.

2 Going away to scrapbooking retreats where all I have to worry about is what the next class is gonna be !
3 That feeling when you are just arriving in holiday walking down the plane steps feeling that warm sunny air hit you and you know you are there for a whole week (or two).

4 When all the family are here together.

5 Snuggling up on the sofa with either a blanket or sleeping bag covering me with the dog laying by my feet watching Desperate Housewives or the like and tucking into a Haagen Daz 'Dulce du Leche ' Ice cream ...yum

6 Playing Farmville on Facebook ( yeah I know it's sad but it relaxes me )

7 Watching any of the following ... Stricty Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice,America's Top Model,and the 'X' Factor- oh and American Idol.
So there are a few of my favourite things and now I have to go away and find some peeps to pass on to,hope I got this right.

Today I have done the second layout that I wanted to get done of our other dog - having lost both our dogs within a year of each other, the page I showed in the last post was one I wanted to repeat for our other dog.

I've also got round to that bit of crocheting I wanted to and here is a photo of what I've done so far


debs14 said...

Welcome to February! Pleased you managed to survive all those January deadlines.
Love your top ten!

Sian said...

Yes, bring on February..and may the headache pills stay in the handbag this month :). Spring must be just around the corner. Good list!

Ruth said...

Welcome back!