Another project and they lost the cup

It has been my eldest son's 25th birthday today (where has that time gone- and how old does that make me feel!).Every Thursday in our house is 5 a side night followed by Fish and Chips. Last week was crunch week and they won the League so there was much excitement in the house particularly as himself is the manager,so he was a very proud Dad/manager.Well,tonight they were up for winning the challenge cup and sadly they lost in the final so it wasn't a very good result for the birthday boy.Never mind at least they won last week.

While they were out I finished another project from the retreat at the weekend,a hanging frame by Clare.Another night of crafting tomorrow as they are all going to London to the Comedy Club for son's birthday- so it's a bit of crafting then Ashes to Ashes then Dancing with the Stars - perfect!


debs14 said...

It's certainly been an emotional footbally roller coaster in your home this last week! 25? How can he possibly be 25? it's only yesterday we were sitting in the OSL canteen with you telling me you were pregnant!
Love that hanging frame, it's superb. Needs to go up in that newly decorated lounge methinks!

Sian said...

He's making that up - you don't look old enough to have a son that age :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Tell him to stop counting now!!Hope he enjoyed his day!

That's one gorgeous wall hanging! Enjoy your crafty evening. :)