Good friends,good food, Pergamano and Ripples

Last night we spent a lovely evening catching up with some very good friends of ours that we see a few times a year as couples and the two of us girlies get together for scrapping every month.
We went to a pub that is about the same distance from each of our houses which does lovely food and lots of it.
I took my camera and got a few photos - the one the waiter took of us all didn't come out very well.
It was my fault cos I'd left the setting on Digital Macro ( what a wally)- so when he took it from a distance it's wasn't so good.
The evening was lovely - the men chatted about footie and Deb and I chatted about scrapping and blogging and work etc etc ...
I thought I might do a nice little Picasa collage of the photos I took....
and today I spent the morning having some hooky time and did a few more rows of the ripple - and then I went to a Pergamano class down at our local craft shop.
It was great to go back after a break of about 18 months and I so enjoyed it.I felt like the new girl but soon got back into it,here is where I've got to so far, I need to put some little flowers around the edges and stick it to the card but it's nearly there.......not a very good photo but it's late and the light is bad.
....and last but not least - the ripple progress,it's got 92 rows now and I think I probably need to do the same again or at least another 80,I ordered some more Kool Kotton the other day as the stash is gettting smaller - I love using this yarn,it's really nice to hook with and I personally really like the colours.


Scrappi Sandi said...

That looks like a lovely evening out! You certainly are in multi-creative mode at the mo!!! I've never done Pergamano, but it looks very effective & I love how the 'ripple' project is coming on! I'm hoping for some crafty time by Wednesday when I'll be playing serious catch up on LYPLYP!!!

knitalatte said...

Oh, I too love the colors of your ripple. It is truly an heirloom in the making.

debs14 said...

The Pergamano looks fab. I'm not sure I have the patience for something so intricate - it look so delicate.
You're going to missing having a ripple blanket to do in the evenings, you will have to start selling them online!
Was a great evening, mustn't leave it so long before arranging another x

humel said...

How lovely - the good friends, the good food, the Pergamano and the Ripples! :-)

Love Deb's idea of a new cottage industry for you xx