It's October and it's Blogtoberfest


I really couldn't decide whether I would actually have something to say that anyone would want  to hear every day of October, but I thought,what the heck - it's like a diary and I shall enjoy the blog hopping around blogland.
When I started this blog I only posted when I made some crafty stuff mainly and then did the odd post about my life and family. I must say though that things you feel are boring actually aren't to others and I really enjoy reading other people's posts about their lives and families. So here goes my first Blogtoberfest.
Can't wait for the first 'Strictly Come Dancing ' tonight, I'm already watching Dancing with the stars and loving it.....AND I have a crafty weekend to look forward to and a week off next week -yahoo can't wait .

This is not strictly a 'today' happening,but over the last few nights our dog Archie has been running around the garden like something possessed late at night. Strange behaviour which I just couldn't understand- until last night when we found out why he has been tearing around the garden - he was looking for his new friend,who would not bring his head out no matter how long we waited !


debs14 said...

You've found Frank!!! We had Frank the hedgehog walk round our garden every night last year but this year we haven't seen him at all. Fancy him walking all the way across Hertfordshire!
I'm so looking forward to Strictly starting tonight too. And as Felicity Kendall is in it I suspect that my poor injured husband will take an interest this year!

Kathy said...

I've never seen a hedgehog in our garden ... we've had badgers, foxes, rabbits, squirrels ... but never a hedgehog. They must all live in Hertfordshire!
Love Kathy xxx

SANDRA said...

I love hedgehogs. Would love to find one in my garden. Mind you i'm sure my 2 dogs Oscar & Chester would let me know if there was. Have a lovely weekend. Love sandra x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I had no idea what that big blob was until I read the other comments left here. Funny that you'd have a hedgehog in your yard - well, it's funny to me anyway.

And you're right - I love reading about the everyday life events of my blog friends, so I'm glad that you post even when it's not a crafty bit.

Have a great weekend, Denise! xo

Sian said...

Yes, go for it! Lets hear what you are up to every day this month.

What is it with husbands and Felicity Kendall??

humel said...

I love hedgehogs!! Even when they refuse to pose for the camera... xx