Mother's Day revisited

After spending Mother's day on my own and feeling a bit sorry for myself,this Sunday was much more like it!
Youngest son was back from Uni, eldest son was back from Vegas and middle son was back from spending a weekend with his girlfriend.
The sun was shining all day Saturday and the forecast was good for Sunday so off we went to Tescos and stocked up with barbie food.
We had a lovely day all together so it made up for the weekend before..These will probably be Photoboxed and on a layout pretty soon- AND I managed to get them alltogether and nearly all smiling too ;)

Someone else was pleased to see them as well.

and I didn't even get too cross when they insisted on playing cricket in the garden.

and while they were out in the garden playing board games I made a layout.....Perfect day!
My idea  for Mel's alphanumeric blog hop on Sunday is coming together now -  I think !!!


debs14 said...

Looks like your belated mothers day was worth waiting for! Lovely photos, they will make some brilliant layouts.

Sian said...

It's akways good to celebrate with a BBQ :)

Sandra said...

Looks like your mothers day, was well worth waiting for :)

humel said...

So pleased you had your day, even if it was a bit late :-) And I'm loving your projects in your previous post! xx