4 x 6 Photo Love *6*

I've been suffering a bit over the last few days. My eye has been watering from the corner and it was so bad today -it had gone really puffy and red and looked very small compared to the other one and I had a rotten headache too - I'd tried eye wash and dry eye drops but they didn't help. So I went to the pharmacist today who has declared I have an infection in it and has now given me some antibiotic drops to be used every two hours.I'm paranoid about antibiotics as I have a serious allergy to Amoxycillin and am also allergic  to Penicillin  and Septrin- I'm a nightmare when It comes to anything antibiotic-y..anyway I've started the drops and it does feel a tad easier.So I haven't felt much like doing too much using my eyes after a day looking at the screen most of  the time.
Anyway - feeling sorry for myself  half hour is now  over !...... Has anyone signed up for Shimelle's new class 'Explore' ?
I have and as usual am looking forward to it...I've just photographed my layout for the latest Photo Love - using 6 photos this time - I used photos of my eldest at various ages..
and here is one from the Craftystash crop I went to a week or so ago - a certain little dog who did not enjoy his bath and had a very sulky face and would not look at me at all .....


scrappyjacky said...

Sorry to hear about your eye,Den.....I know from personal experience how nasty bad eyes feel!!
I signed up back when Shimelle gave the special offer to Blogging for Scrapbookers students....always love her classes...but now she's changed the start date....which is annoying....as I'm going to miss the start of the class!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your layout. I'm on the fence about Shimelle's class, as I'll also be gone for the start of it.

Karen said...

Hope your eye is much better soon. I don't want to feel that you are winking at me across the table all day Saturday :)

Sian said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your eye - if those drops don't work soon you make sure you get back to the doctors!

I don't think I'll be signing up for this one. I have already signed up for a journaling class at Big Picture for August and that's probably enough for the summer for me

Alison said...

Hope the eye is improving.I, too am going to be away for the first part of the new class so haven't decided what to do yet. I have to say that your little dog behaves much better in the bath than mine does! Great LOs
Alison xx