LSNED 11 -15

It's weird how you go along on a roll and then you lose a day and it throws you all out - I've been keeping things in mind every day

day 11: Hinself's Alice Cooper obsession will never wane

day 12: I love to sit and do a bit of hooking when there is lots going on round me - it calms me.

day 13:Worrying all day about having a troublesome tooth out doesn't help at all !

day 14:I really can't create in a 7 inch square of space in my craft room - I must put  punches and things away as soon as I 've used  them.
Cue embarrasing photo...... perhaps  if I post it small it won't look so bad .....

day 15: my reasons for doing this ...I haven't really stuck rigidly to Shimelle's prompts but this year I'm doing it more as a kind of diary for me and I'm enjoying  it. I really like looking back on these projects year after year to see how life has changed for me.This time last year i was looking forward to seeing Michael Flatley.
 Three layouts from exactly this time last year - has my style changed ? don't think so - and I still love that pale blue and white damasky Jenni Bowlin paper!  do you have one ( or more ) papers that you absolutely love and no matter how old it is you still love using it?


scrappyjacky said...

Day 13 is a lesson I never manage to learn!!

Louise said...

day 14 looks like my dining room table when i'm trying to put a layout together xx

Karen said...

I am playing catch up again on this project but am almost there. My craft area looks pretty much like yours and I still haven't put my things away from last Saturday! A job for today I think.

Your LSNED is progressing beautifully and your los from last year are lovely, especially the one with your boys in.

debs14 said...

DENISE! What have you done to that lovely neat and tidy craft room? Shame on you ;-) Seriously though, you can't be creative and tidy so I'd much rather see a messy space than a pristine area! Your LSNED is coming along lovely, can't believe we are half way through.

Alison said...

So glad to know that you have a table like that too!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

Yes I do have some paper, and although theyre so old and only a small bit is left I've scanned it so I can print it out