Shiny head club :-)

It's a bit of a joke in our house - my other half always has the mickey taken out of him about his 'shiny head'. I must add that he is very quite capable of dishing out a lot bit of mickey taking and does take it back well...
I had this photo from our holiday and was going to make a layout- when the boys joked that it looked a bit 'shiny head clubby' so it put me off and I left it out..don't ask me why, but I was fiddling about with some pink and bluey scraps of paper  last night- one being the really glitzy shiny glittery My Mind's Eye paper left from Ann's class at the Eclectic Crop,and the idea just came to me to use the shiny head photo on the shiny paper.

I sprayed quite a lot of glimmer mist over the whole thing too..

Just to make sure it was shiny!


Louise said...

lol!! oooo there's something about a man whose follicley challenged....my husband takes a lot of stick too!! Lovely shiny layout xx

debs14 said...

Love it!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Haha. This is a cute post, Denise. I love that you and your family have such a good time together. It sounds like you are all good sports.

Doug (and all the men in his family) have nice thick hair, but most of them are graying (including Doug). His dad (my FIL) has beautiful thick white hair. :o)

Great layout!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think that some bald men are quite sexy, and, if you don't mind my saying so, would put your husband in that category too!