Life has been extremely busy for me lately,my Dad has been poorly for a quite a while now and we have been backwards and forwards to hospitals for tests,so crafting of the paper variety has taken a bit of a back seat.
Mind you -all this sitting and waiting at appointments has given me the chance to work on a bit of hooky stuff. I've made a couple of  Ripple blankets in the past and when I saw Lucy over at Attic24 was embarking on a new one - decided to join in. Hers is made with really  bright vibrant colours.I've got sooooooo many balls of wool which  I've only used a bit of- when I had a look through the massive pile   the few that are left,  I've luckily been able to follow her colours(ish) without having to buy any more.( Is that a bit of a worry that I have so much left I can make another whole new blanket???) lol 
Anyway, here's the progress so far -
This is it last week... folded over on itself a couple of times
and this is how it looks tonight - and oh look at all those ends that have to be sewn in just peeking out at the right hand side....
Will  be back with a bit of scrappy stuff soon.


Scrappi Sandi said...

I am in awe of your rippling..or hooking?!! Can't youtell I don't crochet...the skill escapes me!!! Love the colours & how great to put all of that yarn to good use! Hope you have some good news from your Dads tests very soon xx

scrappyjacky said...

I am in awe as well....I often look at Lucy's blog....even though I can't crochet....I love what she does...and your blanket is going to be gorgeous.

Alison said...

Sorry to hear your dad's not been so good, but glad you've found something so creative to keep you busy!
Alison xx

Sian said...

It looks like a gorgeous rainbow!

Sian said...

ps: I hope your Dad's tests find out what the matter is very soon

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oooooh, Denise, I LOVE this!!! I'm so sad about your dad being ill, but I'm glad that you have something to keep your hands occupied while you wait on him.

My grandma crochets (well, she used to) and this is the style of afghan she used to make. I would love to learn how to do this. Wouldn't it be lovely if you and I could get together for an afternoon of crochet lessons?

PS: I will answer your email later today! Hugs to you!!! xoxoxo

knitalatte said...

Your ripple is so pretty. I love the bright colors.
Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he gets better soon.

Sandie said...

That is an amazing blanket, Denise! Sorry to hear your Dad is so poorly. Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Crop.