Scrapping yourself ?

'Why don't you scrap more photos of you' was something himself said to me a couple of years ago (I think- or it might have been longer)
It's something I never really felt that comfortable with for some reason. Having done some of Shimelle's classes though,it made me feel much better about it because it got me into the mindset of 'scrapping everyday life' I've been looking back - as you may remember from this post,and strangely enough- I don't seem to have many actual layouts of just me. Plenty of the two of us and plenty of family...... There may be another one or two lurking,but compared to the amount of layouts I've done over the years - it's not that many.

A bit of a random post really but something that I noticed whilst looking back over the years...
Do you like scrapping yourself ? Or do you prefer to just make your layouts of everyone else ? I suppose we should really - at least we can look back on ourselves can't we?


scrappyjacky said...

I never feel comfortable scrapping just me either....and I've even less pages than you.
You do have some lovely ones though.

Sarah said...

Hi Den

I haven't got many layouts of just me either. I've got lots and lots of Sam my son. Some great layouts here.

Sarah x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I rarely scrap myself. Occasionally as the first or last page of an album.

Alison said...

There are very few scrapped pages of me...usually I only do them for Challenges!
Alison xx

humel said...

I scrap about myself, but don't often scrap a photo of myself - not least because not many such photos exist!! Your layouts are so lovely :)