Simply a moment - busy exciting times

We arrived here yesterday,Bavaria Germany in order to visit the lovely castle that somehow seems to have become really special to us.
I'm sitting at the little table in our hotel room whilst himself is nodding off - of all things  he pulled his back just before we came out here and I can tell its troubling him.
In about half an hour we are going off to get pick our ticket up for the tour round the castle...but for the moment it's given me time to stop and take in all that has been happening this week.
This is the view from our hotel room this morning.If you look closely you will see the castle
just starting to appear through the mist. It has a strange way of making me feel calm.
Life has been pretty hectic recently and this week was no exception. Something very exciting for me happened. i have been part of a design team for Aspire Crafts for a while and when I was asked if i would be interested in going for a screen test to present on Create and Craft I immediately said 'oooh yes' - and then it kind of hit me that it was actually real...
Anyway, Thursday was the day, off I went - drove myself up to Peterborough. Checked make up ( nowadays thats more of an 'oh well' rather that an 'oh wow !!!' BUT I did my best with my new foundation ! I met two other lovely ladies who were equally as nervous as me as they planted the powerpack thingy around our waists and the microphone on our lapels ...and to cut a long story short,we all passed ....so in the near future you may be seeing  me on your screens showing you some products and demonstrating crafty things!
This quiet time has reminded me that I am so lucky to have great friends,blog and otherwise and a loving family who have all been excited for me 
and watch this space for further updates - who'd have thought it !
And now himself is awake and busying round me - he wants to go and get visiting that castle - so am off for a while. Back soon !


Crafty Judith said...

great pic x

debs14 said...

I'm just so excited for you - what a way to start the new year, as a tv superstar! You totally deserve this - I know you will be brilliant.
Germany looks beautiful in the snow - I can't wait to see more castle photos very soon x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh, I shiver every time I see one of your photos pop up on Facebook/Instagram/and now your blog. LOOKS SOOOOOO COLD!!!

Congratulations on your well deserved honor! Can't wait to hear/see more about it. :o)

Maria Ontiveros said...

So much fun for you on the crafting front! And like Deb, I enjoy seeing the snowy pix on instagram.

Ruth said...

That's fabulous news ~ well done!