Some things never change !

I love Easter and Christmas and any major holidays as not only does it give me chance to 'have a breather' but more often than not we have boys back for a day or two.
In this day of Instagram and Facebook AND the fact that I've had this annoying problem when I type anything on here - I've sadly neglected my little blog .....every time I type a 'T' on here the blooming cursor jumps back and up and it drives me mad...I've tried everything I can to sort it - apparently it's not a virus - someone said it's because I lean on the square bit - but I definitely don't !! So if anyone has any ideas or has had it happen to them I would be really interested to hear. It's only when I type a 'T' ??
Anyway -I digress- this weekend has been no exception and has been a lovely family one.
Started off with some flowers from himself ( oh and a few notes by the kettle for good measure) 

Nice little meal out for the two of us 
then lunch in the pub next day

Yummy fresh crab salad...
and this is the meaning behind my blog title today.
Some things never change..
It's the world cup this year so there is already talk and mutterings of semi finals and wall charts etc 
But to set the ball rolling the 'boys' have all  got albums - just like when they were 'small boys' !
There was much ripping and comparing and swapping and sticking - love it !


Unknown said...

Happy Easter. Don't know if you are on a laptop but after the last Windows update, I had the same problem. I disabled my touchpad and it resolved it. I use a wireless mouse so it does not bother me to not have the touchpad available.

debs14 said...

I guess you could just use words that don't have a T in them ;-)
Loved hearing that the boys have sticker albums again - how old are they?! It's been lovely having a 4 day weekend hasn't it?

Sian said...

We were just talking about football sticker books here the other day. You know? I think I might just go and buy him one after reading this :)

Hope you had a nice Easter

Becky said...

Hope you enjoyed your Easter break. I've no help with the 't' problem I am afraid.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I know what you mean about sometimes needing to step away from the blog.