The Big Leap

My youngest son went off on his travels this time last year for 6 months. He started off in Australia,then moved on  to New Zealand .

Imagine my surprise/ horror when I received the photos via my phone whilst at work that I am featuring on this month's layout I did for Merly Impressions using Kaisercraft My Year My Story

I nearly had a fit when I got these as one of the things I said to him as we waved him off at Heathrow was ' Don't do anything silly like jump out of an aeroplane or bungee jump will you ' ? 
Having said that it must have been an amazing thing to do and I'm very happy he did it ( I think).
He actually sent me quite a few photos - some of them show him as a tiny speck and the view below is amazing - still something I think I'd rather leave to others though........



debs14 said...

Definitely one of those moments that you need to know AFTER they have happened, rather than worry about them in advance!
Boys eh? Looks a like it was a great experience but one that I would never, ever want to do myself!

Karen said...

I agree with Deb best not to know until after the event, but what an amazing thing to do.

Susanne said...

Wow those are amazing pictures on your fabulous layout. I bet you'll be a little more careful what you say the next time you send him off.