Surprised myself !

Well,how pleased am I ? I have actually managed to get myself together for Shimelle's latest mini book class. My ickle book arrived this morning all ready to go with the photos I have sorted out and the papers and stickers I managed to get together so I am well pleased. I'm off to work for a few hours now then visiting Dad this afternoon but am looking forward to this evening and having a bit of scrapping time.We had a fab Indian meal in a newish restaurant near us last night and I had a dish which had slices of cooked real coconut slivers in and it was really yummy so that's cheered me up as well! AND one more week and January is over- anyone who works in an accountants will know what I mean !!


debs14 said...

OK, looks like you've found the venue for a meal to have our 2009 get together at, now we just need a date!