Take That !

A quick post tonight - I've been meaning to scrap this for ages and finally found a tad of inspiration last night after working most of the afternoon. I thought the Rusty Pickle paper worked quite well and used some K & Co wordy things that I got from QVC ages ago,am off to get some dinner now then more work. I started on my mini book for Shimelle's free class as well and have had a disaster - one of the pages has come unstuck and separate from the spine so now I'm not sure whether to start all over again with a new book or split the whole thing up and use the bind it all. I've covered most of it and stuck quite a few photos in ... think the latter option is the best. I've tried to stick the page back but it's not playing ball and now the whole thing is out of shape- what's that about crafter's don't make mistakes ? lol


debs14 said...

What on earth were you doing to it to make it fall apart?!!!! I didn't realise they were that delicate, I shall have to be careful.
Looking forward to actually getting going on it, I've got pictures but not sure how this project is going to go, so scared to stick them in!