Just for a giggle ......

I promised Karen I'd post this ages ago.
Well,it  was  1979 !
  • You could fill your car up with petrol for about £5
  • All I had to worry about was what new outfit I would buy on payday and how long my perm would last.
  • Barry White was king and John Lennon was still alive.
  • Disco was everything
  • You had to look round for ages for a phone when you went 'abroad' to ring home.
  • The X Factor was probably another aftershave like Brut and Hai Karate.
  • Gardening was boring.
  • Shopping was mainly done in little shops
  • Doing a scrapbook was what I used to do in one of those big books with blotting paper pages and sticking Donny Osmond pics and magazine cuttings in -when I was younger of course....
  • There were only about three channels to watch on TV.
  • Capris were really cool cars
  • Anyone remember these days?
...have a good Friday everyone .


karen said...

Yep me.Boyfriend(hubby)had a purple capri.So coolllllll.
Its hard explaining to your kids that that was cool back then.

scrappyjacky said...

Yep...have to admit so do I....though Gene Hunt has made some of those things cool again!!!

Cheri said...

I graduated high school in 1979. I definitely remember disco and bell bottoms, bibbed pants, Michael Jackson at his peak, slo gin fizz, the Dorothy Hamill haircut, followed by the Farah Fawcett bangs. I didn't pay much attention to cars, but the cool thing here was the Corvette.

debs14 said...

Yes, remember them all.
I even remember when 'himself' had hair ;-)

humel said...

What an interesting post :-) I'm afraid I don't remember it, as I was only 5 at the time - but I love the idea of revisiting an earlier time with an old photo and a list of facts like this! xx