So Proud............!

Don't you just love it when you've spent ages making something and are really pleased with it and then the next thing you know it's being used as something else ? Serves me right I suppose for not putting my wool in it as I was planning to.I missed him lots while he was away at the Isle of Wight festival, ( oh the washing!)...no sooner is he back then it's back to silly normal !

I haven't done much scrapping this week,so last night sat and scrapped a few photos of our visit to the Tower of London.I've had the map of London paper for ages and sudenly thought it would be perfect for this. I might just make a mini book as I've got loads of pics to use. I always fall into the trap of thinking the photos aren't interesting enough and don't use them -which is a bit daft really cos they are all interesting really aren't they?


Lizzie said...

So clever of you - a bag for sleeping in (a "sleeping bag" in a manner of speaking)!

Well, those photos are certainly interesting; if the rest are as good, then why not make the mini-album (and remember to show it to us, your dedicated Blog Followers!).

humel said...

It does make a great hat, if a little big....!

Go for the mini-book. Those photos tell the story of your trip and are therefore interesting! I'd love to see your mini-book once it's been made, too xx

scrappyjacky said...

You should have known it would be perfect for him!!
I love mini books of 'places'... and often make them.... so I'd definately go for a London one with your other photos....and you could add lots of interesting snippets of info.
So glad to hear you've done one of May's classes and loved it....I'm looking forward to it even more now.

Ruth said...

Boys will be boys, whatever there age! Your photos look great, looking forward to seeing the mini-book ~ no pressure!

Cheryl said...

Looking forward to the mini book x

Sian said...

Yes, they are definitely all interesting. I've never met a photograph I didn't like!

I was using that same paper last night! I love it but actually found it really hard to get anything to show up on it and ended up turning it over and using some of the other side. You've done a fab job here.