Pick a photo

Was a suggestion by Shimelle . Just pick a photo and do something with it,I decided to just blog it and tell you what it means to me..I could have picked quite a few , Lionel Richie in concert, when I met the Osmonds ( I know,I know but they were my teenage idols and  I finally met them 2 years ago),or umpteen photos of the boys,but this photo gives me a lovely happy feeling . We were away in Germany for the weekend for both our 50th birthdays. We'd been to Stuttgart where it was cold but normal weather - and had visited the Christmmas market there which was great. After two days there we moved on to the Black Forest. As we drove into the little village ,it was suddenly thick snow everywhere and such a pretty place. I took this photo just as we arrived at our hotel in the snow . It was a really magical place and we had such a lovely few days there..


Sian said...

What a lovely memory this brought back Denise. I'm really intrigued now to see what other stories Shimelle drags out of us all.

scrappyjacky said...

There is something magical about snow,isn't there....especially when you don't need to get to work!

humel said...

Lovely photo - and lovely story :-)