More using that stash and a bit of a change

I can't tell you how relieved I am that I have still got something that resembles a blog....
The other night I decided to have a change- after lots of browsing and lots of ahem rude words trying to do the letters for the header in Photoshop, I tried everything known to man to get the middle bit that slides up and down to be blue. After realising that it must be the actual template I decided to try a different template to make it blue - BIG MISTAKE....my old template was done with an old blogger design. After trying every single one of the designs of layouts,every single one was too big and the middle bit was not only the same colour but was also too big. I really thought I was going to have to set up a new one and start all over again.
Anyway, after getting very hot and very tired at 1 in the morning I finally found the settings for the old blogger and managed to restore the old size.Sadly the middle bit is still white, but it's staying like it is for now!
So - on to scrappy things. I did a couple of layouts for the BPS class last night. I decided to scrap some of the photos from Deb's surprise party.
I'm sad that the class is finishing but once again have really enjoyed it.So much so that I've signed up for Nic Howard's class all about colour which starts at the end of October..
One of May Flaum's ideas was to actually have your stamps out somewhere so you don't go rifling through drawers when you want to do some stamping. I don't know about anyone else but I have quite a collection of stamps and would need a seriously big unit to keep them all out..I made a start the other night andit is a good idea but I think I might just have to either get rid of a lot of stamps or get a much bigger unit! Where do any of my blog friends keep their stamps?,and where does anyone keep their acrylic stamps ?
I'd be interested to know.


Sian said...

Aah, change is obviously in the air at the moment! But it feels good doesn't it? I'm loving your makeover.

Susanne said...

Great layouts - you like to celebrate, don't you? I'm afraid I have too many stamps to leave them all out, even though I love that idea. Mine are in bins inside cabinets, but I have a binder that shows me what I have.

debs14 said...

I can imagine how you were feeling with the blog makeover! But it looks fab so don't touch it again for a litle while!
Am thrilled to be the centrepiece of your pages, they are lovely layouts - you are putting me to shame!
As for the stamps .... I only have a small basket full, no problems with keeping that under control ;-)

Lizzie said...

I love your blog design, so whatever stress it caused, it was worth it!!

I keep my stamps in some of those little plywood drawer units from Ikea - that's acrylic and mounted ones. I also have a basket, where I keep the stamps I'm using on current projects, just so I don't forget about them when I'm working!
I would love an old plan-chest, where I can store my bookbinding papers and also have a drawer to store all my stamps - so I can see what I have straight away, without having to sort through them. But that's a luxury and I don't really need it... I'm coping as I am!

Sandie said...

I know just what you mean about designing your blog. I also find it a nightmare - I haven't even mastered how to post my photos and text in the way I want. Great layouts by the way!
As for stamps, I have my unbacked stamps layered in boxes and the rest in other large containers. This more or less works for me.
I've also been sorting out today - moving my craft into a new room. It is chaos right at this minute!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm one of your UYS classmates and I jumped over here to encourage you to pick up at least a sheet or two of the Graphic 45 paper if you really love it -- you could make a home decor item for yourself! There's one sheet with a purple background that has a whole scene on it -- you could even just frame a piece of it and call it good. :-)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh, I know your frustration with Blogger designs. I went down that road once and that is the reason I have had the same basic (boring) blog ever since...just don't have the energy to re-do it!

In answer to your question, I keep my wooden stamps on a shelf that my hubby made for me. My acrylic ones I keep in 8 1/2 x 11" page protectors in a 3-ring binder. It's great for storage, and also for flipping through the pages to find the stamp I'm looking for.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I like the white and I love the new header! I have way too many stamps to display. Five big binders of unmounted/acrylics. Twelve drawers (double layered) in irismcarts. Four photo boxes and three flat plastic see through containers! Yikes!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another makeover!! Looking good & I so know where you're coming from on the frustration front...I struggled trying to restore three columns but gave up in th end!

Great LO's, such fabulous photo's & great memories to document!...I'm signed up for the colour class too...looks like it should be a good one!

As for stamps, I keep my wooden one's in a RUB & my clear ones on my Clip-it-up, but I'm currently considering some kind of storage album for them. I really don't stamp in a big way, but I do have quite a nice selection!!

Yours look really attractive displayed on that shelf unit & I do think that if you can see things you're more likely to use them, which is why I like see through RUB's!!

humel said...

Love the change, but I'm sorry to hear it was so stressful! xx

My stamps live in shallow wooden drawers (units from Ikea) - like Lizzie! I can pull out a drawer and glance through the designs quickly, but they're out of the way when not in use. I do have to open a fair few drawers to browse my whole collection though!! Acrylic stamps are in old CD cases which are then stored in deeper drawers in the same Ikea units.

Love your layouts, by the way :-)

Karen said...

Hi Denise - I love the white middle! Your pages are fab and as for stamps! Well, I don't often stamp - maybe once or twice a year as I don't have confidence in my ability to get it right and not ruin a project so my very small supply of stamps lives, unloved and unused in a draw which I occasionally open and am always surprised to find stamps in there!

scrappyjacky said...

I'd love to change my blog a bit....but I'm worried about totally losing it all!!!