Using up more of that stash

I've been sitting finishing a couple of pages I started over the weekend for the May Flaum class I'm doing.
One of the ideas was to keep it simple and use stamps- I think I've kept it pretty simple. I've gone a bit grungey - I have this Tim Holtz criss sross stamp that  I used to use a lot and a couple of grungey heart and star stamps- I actually enjoyed using them again.
This is one of the most recent photos of the boys on one of the rare occasions when they are all here together....

This photo hasn't come out too well as I've taken it tonight.It's a couple of photos of me ,one when I was twenty five -and one at the age I am now .(!)......I used a lot of odds on this one -yep using that stash up!
On to very nice things, a lovely lady - S- sorry, but I can't find your actual name anywhere - has given me a little award for a friendly blog. How nice is that? Thank You ,

and like the lady who gave her the award ,there are no instructions on this one or lists and rules, but I would like to pass it on to two of the many lovely people I have made friends with here in blogland ...go check their friendly blogs out..


scrappyjacky said...

That's a great photo of your boys....and I love the simplicity of the LO.

humel said...

Congrats on your award :-) Love the pic of your boys - and also the pics of you aged 25 and - 30? That's right, isn't it? xx

Sian said...

Denise, thank you so much: you've made my day :) I love the thought of being known for having a friendly blog!

I am loving May's class. even though I haven't done a lot of pages yet, I think her class notes are excellent. Comparing layouts like the one you've done are my favourite kind of scrapbooking. Brilliant.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Lovely layouts. I've really been enjoying art journaling lately, but I'm missing the other paper crafting arts out there.

debs14 said...

Great layouts. Isn't it fun to compare photos? Lovely to see how much you haven't changed!
Congrats on your award!

Karen said...

Hi Denise fabulous page of your boys and thanks you so much for the award. xxx

knitalatte said...

Oh dear, I've just mentioned you over at my blog for an award, and I see someone has beat me to it. This one requires a little bit of doing, but it is always fun to be talked up, Right?