Hello Monday

What am I saying hello to this week?

Hello to: Counting down to scrapping retreats -  one coming up at the end of the month.

Hello to : Uploading photos to Photobox in readiness for those classes..

Hello to :  Trying some more recipes - Jamie Oliver's' Crusted Cod' went down a treat,as did 'Pregnant Jools's Pasta' ...

Hello to : Booking Christmas Dinner out for the first time ever - can't face it not being the same this year at home...

Hello to : Making some more cards for a change.

Hello to : The time of year when you think of Jacket Potatoes and getting back into boots and crocheting and fireworks and all those dark evening things.

Hello to : Not long till Lionel Richie at the O2


Karen said...

Yep - we had jacket potatoes for supper last night.

humel said...

Exciting times! :)

I love Jamie's recipes - that pasta dish is a big favourite with me and The Doctor, I make up a big batch of the sausagemeat and freeze it to save time for future cooking sessions :) The broccoli orecchiette is really good too, and the crispy chicken thing with green curry (can't remember the exact name of the dish!!)

Sian said...

Big fans of baked potatoes here. And we had our first blacberry crumble last night too.

Have a good week Denise

Alison said...

We're thinking about going out for Christmas Dinner this year too!
Alison xx

debs14 said...

mmm Jacket Potatoes with crispy skins and lots of grated cheese melting inside - yum!
Need to check out those Jamie recipes, if they pass 'himself's' inspection, they must be good ;-)

Sandie said...

Mmmm... dark nights approaching but you make them sound cosy. I won't tell my sister about LR - she'd very very envious :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love "making cards for a change" - it's fun to do something different. Isn't it?