Hello -Tuesday

I missed Hello Monday yesterday - due to the fact that I was saying hello headache.I haven't had such a bad bad one for a while.I took one of my migraine pills but had to give up at work at lunchtime. So most of Monday was spent in a dark bedroom with a freezing cold flannel on my head and a bowl beside me - does anyone else out there suffer? I always seem to want either salty crisps or really cold milk on cereals with sugar when It's starting to go. No- I'm not going loopy - I really do!
So what am I looking forward to ? - well not much really ...

Hello : Another week closer and no Christmas cards made

Hello: I need to get another tote on wheels as the zip on my Papermania one is giving up- I'm not having a lot of luck finding many though - don't people buy them nowadays ?

Hello: Trainer city - it's a joke in our house - two boys and one husband - the boys/grown up boys  have two big plastic boxes just inside our garage to put their trainers in - but it's much easier to throw then inside the door rather than put them in the boxes
Himself's trainers ...yep- neat and tidy
Hello : to trying another Tescos in the next town as our local one is cutting out so many ranges it's getting very annoying - and himself has asked so many times now for Topics and Banana Angel delight we are boycotting !! How can they possibly not get them in ??? Oh and they've stopped doing Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion crisps - now that is really not on..... (and that's me saying that) 
Hello : to scraping frost off the car this morning- yes it's certainly looking more like Autumn..


humel said...

Glad you're feeling better now xx

Yes, it's certainly got colder all of a sudden - my poor toes are freezing, peeping out of their bandage! I don't have any socks big enough to go over the end of it, and I can't reach anyway!!

Sian said...

Yes! Salty crisps - or something fish flavoured! So what usually happens is we get fish and cips from the chip shop becasue I haven't done any cooking. That's about the only plus point. Have you tried the "Coolstrips" you can buy? Even better than a cold flannel

I'm glad you are feeling better today x

scrappyjacky said...

Yes....I had to scrape ice off the car for the first time this week....not something I look forward to in winter.

debs14 said...

Sorry to hear you were suffering yesterday, hope that's it for this year now!
Love the trainers photos, I'd never have guessed which ones belonged to himself ;-)
I cannot walk past Angel Delight in Tesco without thinking of the audacity of your local branch not stocking Banana flavour! But stopping Walkers C&O crisps? Unbelievable!

debs14 said...


Alison said...

Hope you're feeling better...can't say I miss scraping the frost from the car!
Alison xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

I can totally empathise on the trainer/shoe front!! LOL at the Tesco story..Wot? No G&W C&O???!!! Hope you're over the migraine now...I don't get them but whenever I've been ill I always crave Walkers chicken crisps! :D

Karen said...

So glad you are feeling better. We had to scrape the cars this week too and I noticed it was almost dark when I got home from work today :0(

Sandie said...

glad you are feeling better, headaches can be so disabiolitating.I don't want to comment on your shoe situation because I hasve pretty neat piles of my own. I really do need to sort my storage!