Blimey, it's been a whole week since I last posted.I've been busy sorting pressies and booking a weekend away for my other half and I for his 50th birthday. He has finally caught up with me! We are going to the Black Forest in Germany in a couple of months so have been sorting flights and hotels and buying him a couple of other pressies. What with work and going to Mum and Dads this week has flown by. Anyway I have managed a layout and a couple of cards. There are a few bithday celebration challenges going on over at the Scrapagogo Forum , so I have done a couple of those. One was a layout with 'Celebration' as the idea and the other was a sketch to follow. I also made a quick card for our Nephew's baby who turned one on Thursday. On another note, if anyone can help me I'd be very grateful, for some reason I can't work out how you include a link and replace the link with just one word. I've tried all manner of ways and I still can't get it. I've also been to Blogger help and I got very frustrated and gave up . It's obvioulsy easy cos lots of Bloggers do it so if anyone could leave me a hint as to how to do it I'd be eternally grateful. I know you have to put the one word in between these <> somehow - but no matter what I do it won't work!!


debs14 said...

Think I know how to do it! Type in what you want to link to ie "Google is a good search engine." Then double click on the word Google to highlight it, then press control, shift and the letter a together and it will ask you what webaddress you want to link it to. Type in the webaddress and it will leave the word google in, but when people click on it, it takes them to the page. Good luck!

Andrea said...

great pieces of artwork Denise x