New Friends and Teeny Hero

I started a layout from a kit that Ann put together for the crop on Saturday and finished it this evening. I can't believe that it was now over a week ago I was supping a 'Pink Butterfly' cocktail or two in the lovely balmy evening after a lazy day in Portugal. Hey ho. I'm thinking I really must get back on track with 'My Freedom' as I haven't caught up after being away.One of the blog prompts I missed was about who was one of my teeny bopper heroes. No question- Donny Osmond and the Osmonds. As many of my scrap friends who have been bored silly by my photos of them from earlier on in the year will tell you.!! When I was a teenager (all those years ago) you were either a 'Donny' or a 'David Cassidy ' fan. I was mad on Donny - being an only child I spent most of my time making scrapbooks ( the kind you used to get in the newsagents that had like blotting paper pages and a whitey front cover), my mum still has all mine in her loft. I can remember being really jealous of some girls at school who had some American magazines with gorgeous glossy photos of Donny in and they were ones I hadn't got- end of the world. I also remember sending off a cheque that I had pestered Mum and Dad for to the Rainbow at Finsbury Park and praying that I'd get a ticket to see the Osmonds. Luckily I did. Ialso remember the power cuts that were happening so often at the time then because of the miners being on strike and the 'three day week' and trying to do homework and cut pictures out by candlelight or oil lamps that mum and dad had. Very vivid memories for me - seems so long ago yet like yesterday ! Anyway am off to have a surf now as I think after speaking to the camera shop today it looks like I might have to get me a new camera .


debs14 said...

If only I had known you then! My penfriend used to send me 'Ingenue' magazine from USA - loadsa Donny in there!!!
Come on, catch up on those prompts!