Isn't it amazing how you get out of the swing of things? I decided to abandon the sorting out last night and sit and make some cards,so just sat in my craft room (love saying that!) with the X Faxtor on and played with some Christmassy stuff.I was sorting through my wardrobe in the garage that has some old kits and bits in it and came across quite a lot of old photos of when the boys were teenagers and also when we first got the two girl dogs. I've got a few photos to use on some of the layouts to come in the next few weeks now.Had a nice surprise when our two younger boys arrived from Uni for the weekend. They've gone back now but it was lovely to have them here for a couple of days.So am off to watch the X Factor now to see who made it through this week.


debs14 said...

I cannot believe you are already making christmas cards - how organised! This craft room has revolutionised your life! Lovely cards x