Back down to earth

So where did Christmas go? I am reliably informed that there is snow forecast in the next couple of days - why couldn't it have been on Christmas day!Anyway,back down to earth a bit more now.It has been lovely to have the family all together again.Two of the men in the family have gone off to Spurs (hope they win), one is here still eating and I am now going to go and get myself ready as the two of us have been invited for fish pie round at a friends after the men get back from footie.Hopefully I will have some scrapping time in the next couple of days to catch up.Oh,the cake was yum by the way!Here's a couple of pics including a very rare one of the boys and one girlfriend,normally one hides and won't let me take photos and one will not smile so it's rare indeed to get one of them all together and smiling !


scrappyjacky said...

My teenagers usually run and hide as soon as they see the camera...managed one or two decent photos of them over christmas.

debs14 said...

I'm guessing that photo will end up on a layout very soon! Nice to have a group shot that everyone is happy with.
And what is that poor dog wearing? Could it be a Spurs scarf?!

Sian said...

Lovely, happy Christmas photos. I'm glad it was a good one!