Blog Hoppy fun again

Yep, we're at it again, there is a blog hop happening at the weekend,and this time it's ' All about Me'..so if you are around at the weekend, on Saturday you will be able to see what everyone has come up with all about themselves....
In my travels round blogs lately I came across a brilliant crochet blog called Attic 24. Lucy's blog (Attic 24 ) is so inspiring and she is so generous with her time and tutorials.
I decided  I wanted to have a go at making a bag to put my wool in,as described here .
I've managed the bottom so far and am now attempting to carry on up the sides - keep your fingers crossed it turns out like hers !


Sian said...

Looks like a very groovy bag indeed :)

I'll see you at the blog hop tomorrow then!

humel said...

Exciting, can't wait for the blog hop!!

The bag is looking lovely, looking forward to seeing that completed project too xx