Eight over Eight

Okay, so Ruth is responsible for this post, she suggested you go to where your photos are stored on your PC.Find the eighth folder ,open it then find the eighth photo in said folder.
I did exactly that and the following photo is what I found..
It's himself ,my cousin's wife and me when we were out for an Indian meal one night in July 2008.We love going to this particular place cos they always play great music from the 1970s instead of the old Sitar music.Lots of tracks like Earth Wind and Fire and The Whispers and O Jays, Lionel Richie,Saturday Night Fever and the like,all the stuff we used to love when we were younger and they turn it up nice n loud too !It really creates a party atmosphere without being TOO loud! My cousin (who is taking the photo has a great sense of humour and fun and we always end up laughing..good memories - thanks Ruth !


scrappyjacky said...

I love looking back over old photos...they always bring back so many memories...may have a go at this myself.

humel said...

This has been such an interesting thing to do - isn't it great to relive those happy memories? Looks like you were having a fab time :-)

debs14 said...

I'm sure that photo 9 would have shown 'himself' up on the dance floor doing the famous Spotty Dog moves ;-)

Sian said...

This is such a great way of bringing back some old memories :)