Testing Testing

Yahoo it worked ! I really wanted to get to the bottom of my failure to post a scheduled post that I have been trawling through help to find out why post didn't work on Sunday morning. Hope I've sorted it now- I've changed the timezone within blogger settings.
So this is just a wee tester post.Remember that blanket I crocheted a while ago? Well a certain person in our household has taken a shine to it and always manages to lay on it even when there is lots of space everywhere else !


debs14 said...

Woohoo! It worked!
Looks like you may have to make another blanket for yourself!

Ruth said...

Hooray, it worked! And obviously a pooch with taste!

SANDRA said...

Yeah you little doggie has got good taste. I have two dogs, and Oscar always finds something of mine to curl up on. Well done with the post. Love Sandra x

Cheryl said...

Someone looks very comfortable!